Medicaid is Changing!

Medicaid is changing! Starting May 1, 2017 most Medicaid programs will be managed by private insurance companies rather than the state of Missouri. This change allows those effected to enroll in the program that best fits their individual or family’s medical needs – however – Medicaid recipients must actively choose for themselves, otherwise the state will make the choice for them. The deadline to enroll is April 1, 2017 and those who do not enroll by the deadline will be auto enrolled  into one of the private insurance companies and assigned a doctor – there is a good chance that this will not be the doctor they are currently seeing.  We can’t urge you enough to enroll on your own behalf. If you self-enroll it allows YOU to make the selection of YOUR doctor AND also allows you to choose the insurance plan that has the most benefits and incentive payments for you and your family.


Above is a video describing the changes in more detail. Below is an informational sheet with much of the same information. Research the plan that is best for you and/or your family before enrolling – the benefits and incentive payments that each plan makes to their Medicaid patients ARE different and one plan might be better than the other plans for you and your family’s needs. For more information call the enrollment help line at 1-800-348-6627 or go to:


Click on the link below to view a PDF version of the packet: